Hire Programmers will help you to develop an optimal enterprise software solution related to your business needs, cost, productivity using our best practices in application development. Our technical expertise includes years of working with PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and other open source technologies.

You are welcome to see our portfolio for various industries, which include transportation, entertainment, online shopping, healthcare, software publishing, real estate, community management.

Web Portals And Communities:

The list of web solutions developed by Hire Programmers includes social networking, e-commerce, web portals, media streaming, online marketplaces and auctions, and custom web applications.

Enterprise Content Management:

Hire Programmers can provide both unique software solutions development and integration of existing content management applications. Hire Programmer's expertise includes development and implementation of collaboration, web content management, reports management, and functionality within complex solutions for various industries.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

We can both construct customer relationship management solutions based on our customer-specific business needs and CRM application integration.

Payment And Billing Systems:

Hire Programmers is an expert in e-commerce and secure payment software development and integration and can provide a range of electronic banking and payment gateway solutions. Credit card payment, online banking, etc.

Backup Software Development:
Hire Programmers equips you with secure backup and recovery solutions, which will prevent data loss in case of server crash or server failure. We provide security of data on both the Linux and Windows platforms.