The need for embedded systems has increased significantly in recent years leading to intense competition between organizations within the electronics, transportation, medicine, and manufacturing sectors. It is mainly happening to achieve higher levels of device integration into centralized control systems/networks, develop and launch new products and solutions faster while reducing cost, size, and maintaining high-quality standards.

By augmenting our resources with your existing internal team, Hire Programmers can provide you the following values:

Microcontroller platform

  • ARM, STM32, AVR, 8051, PIC, ARDUINO, ESP8266
  • Embedded Linux, Raspberry-pi
  • RTOS, Xenomai framework

Programming platform

  • Embedded firmware using ASM, C, C++, python.
  • Web application using PHP, python, node js
  • Mobile applications for iPhone, Android
  • Device drivers for embedded systems
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and customization
  • DB- MySQL, SQL Server, JSON

Circuit & PCB Design

  • Proteus, Eagle.
  • Cadence, Altium.

Technology and Protocol

  • Internet of Things (IOT) – MQTT, http, LORA.
  • UART, USB, TCP/IP, WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, Modbus, CAN bus, Profibus, Fieldbus,

We’ve hands-on experience in building hi-end gadgets, sophisticated electronic devices, and industrial electronics — both as complete end-to-end solutions or standalone components whether you want to test your idea for feasibility before committing to a full-scale product launch.

Our expertise provides excellent traction for meeting the most complex schematic and PCB design challenges — from simple electronic boards to high-end assemblies with a custom set of properties. Hire Programmers team of PCB engineers and designers will check every relevant component and supplier option to obtain a well-elaborated BOM

A sampling of our embedded project experience includes:

  • IoT based Remote monitoring System
  • Smart Data Logger
  • Modbus slave device using STM32
  • MQTT client based SCADA device
  • GPRS communication module for smart meter
  • SMS/ GPRS alarm system