Hire Programmers offers a full rank of services for Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) and platform implementation. It will allow businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency by exercising control over their business processes. Hire Programmers provides ready-to-use solutions and platform customization and integration of CMS systems with enterprise applications, including all types of up-gradation. Hire Programmers is capable of merging services from different CMS vendors to deliver the solutions tailored to your business needs.

The project on CMS integration may require development connectors to existing applications, Plug-ins, additional features development, legacy systems re-engineering, and other specific solutions, which can be successfully developed by Hire Programmers  CMS specialists.

The services we provide as a part of CMS development are as follows:

  • Organization product environment (Technical, Integration with legacy systems and other products, data conversion/migration)
  • Organizational business processes and models analysis
  • ECMS solutions elaboration to get fast benefits, rapid user adoption, and minify training.
  • End-user training
  • Product development, Integration, and support.