With the much-anticipated fourth season of "Succession" currently airing on HBO, fans of the acclaimed show have been eagerly awaiting the latest developments in the saga of the Roy family, a dysfunctional clan of media moguls jockeying for power and control. One of the standout episodes of the new season thus far has been the third, which packs a number of shocking twists and turns into its hour-long runtime.

To discuss some of these jaw-dropping moments and the overall direction of the season, we spoke to Mark Mylod, an executive producer and director on "Succession" who helmed the third episode. Mylod shared his insights on how the episode came together, its key themes, and what viewers can expect next from the show.

"At this point in the season, we're really diving deeper into the dynamics of the Roy family and their various machinations," Mylod explained. "Logan, played brilliantly by Brian Cox, is in a precarious position as he faces challenges from different factions within his own company and within his own family. And in this episode, we see some particularly dramatic confrontations and revelations that will have major ramifications going forward."

One of the standout moments from the episode involves Logan's interactions with his son Kendall, played by Jeremy Strong. Kendall has been struggling to regain his footing after betraying his father in the previous season, and he sees an opportunity to assert himself during a tense family dinner. But Logan doesn't take kindly to Kendall's advances, leading to a shocking outburst that leaves all parties reeling.

"Brian and Jeremy are both such incredible actors, and they bring so much nuance and intensity to these scenes," Mylod said. "We wanted to show the tension and resentment that's been building between father and son, and how that comes to a head in this scene. It's a turning point for both characters, and it sets up a lot of the remaining conflict for the season."

Mylod also touched on some of the other key moments from the episode, including the revelation of a major character's illness, the ongoing power struggles between different family members, and the introduction of new players in the media landscape. He emphasized the importance of keeping the show fresh while staying true to its core themes and characters.

"With 'Succession,' we always try to balance the drama and the comedy, the intense interpersonal conflict with the big picture of the media industry and corporate power," Mylod said. "This season, we're exploring some new angles and taking the characters in new directions, but we're also staying grounded in their motivations and histories. It's a delicate balance, but it's what makes the show so compelling."

As for what viewers can expect from the rest of the season, Mylod remained tight-lipped but hinted that the surprises are far from over.

"I think people are going to be shocked by where we take the story this season," he said. "There are some major twists and turns coming up that even the most diehard 'Succession' fans won't see coming. But at the same time, we're building towards some big emotional payoffs and resolutions that are going to be very satisfying. It's going to be a wild ride."

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