Donald Trump's history of misrepresenting laws and making misleading claims is well-documented, and nowhere is this more evident than in his handling of sensitive and classified papers.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has repeatedly misrepresented the laws governing the handling of classified information, often claiming that his political opponents have violated these laws while ignoring his own administration's missteps in this area.

One notable example of Trump's misleading claims on this issue came in 2017, when he accused former FBI Director James Comey of sharing classified information with the media. In reality, Comey's memos about his conversations with Trump did not contain any classified information.

Similarly, Trump has falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information through her use of a private email server. While Clinton's use of the server was, at the very least, ill-advised, she did not violate any laws surrounding the handling of classified information.

Trump's misleading claims extend beyond his allegations against political opponents, however. In 2019, Trump was caught on camera showing a map of Hurricane Dorian's projected path that had been altered with a Sharpie marker to include Alabama, a move that he attempted to defend as being based on information from the National Hurricane Center. The NHC later issued a

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