Nathan Carman, a resident of Vermont, made headlines in 2016 when he and his mother, Linda Carman, went missing during a fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island. Linda Carman was never found, and Nathan was ultimately rescued after spending eight days at sea on a life raft.

However, Nathan quickly became a key suspect in his mother's disappearance and was questioned by law enforcement officials. In 2019, he was arrested on federal charges of possessing an unregistered firearm and ammunition, and sentenced to probation.

On January 27, 2022, Nathan Carman was found dead in his jail cell at the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in New Hampshire. Authorities have stated that his death is “not considered suspicious,” but have not released further details.

The news of Carman's death has once again raised questions about his involvement in his mother's disappearance. Despite years of investigation, Linda Carman's body has never been recovered, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain unclear.

Nathan Carman's story has captivated the public's attention for years, with many fascinated by his survival at sea and his potential involvement in his mother's disappearance. The news of his death only adds to the mystery surrounding the Carman family's tragic story.

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