The past week saw President Joe Biden on the campaign trail, showcasing his primary case for reelection: his ability to lead the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic and towards a stronger economy. Touting the success of his administration's vaccination efforts and passing of the infrastructure bill, Biden seemed confident in his message.

However, a major vulnerability was also on display - Biden's physical health. On Friday, October 15th, the President tripped and fell multiple times while ascending the steps to Air Force One. The incident was captured on camera and quickly spread across social media.

The video raised concerns and sparked discussions about Biden's age and fitness for office. At 78, he is the oldest sitting president in U.S. history, and his health has been a topic of concern since his campaign days. Despite releasing medical records showing him to be in good health, the incident on Friday inevitably reignited those concerns.

Biden quickly recovered and proceeded with his travel plans, but the damage had already been done. The incident garnered widespread attention and prompted comparisons to former President Gerald Ford, who was often joked about for tripping and falling. Memes circulated on social media, with some questioning whether Biden would be physically capable of serving a full term.


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