The Denver Nuggets' final, historic defensive stop against the Utah Jazz in Game 7 of the first-round playoff series has been the talk of the NBA community. But what many may not know is how it all came together and how it was seen through the eyes of Jamal Murray's dad.

Murray, the Nuggets' star point guard, has been a standout in the playoffs, leading his team to the Western Conference Finals. But it was his defensive effort in the final moments of the Game 7 against the Jazz that sealed the victory for Denver.

With just seconds left in the game and the score tied at 78, Jazz guard Mike Conley drove to the basket for a potential game-winning layup. But Murray, who had been struggling with a sore knee, made a miraculous block that saved the game for the Nuggets.

The play was a result of a well-executed defensive plan that had been put together by Denver's coaching staff. The Nuggets had studied film of Conley's tendencies and knew he liked to drive left in clutch situations. So they filtered him to the left side of the court and collapsed on him with multiple defenders.

Murray's dad, Roger, was watching the game from his home in Canada. He saw the play

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