Natalia Grace may have looked like an innocent child, but her former neighbors believe she was something far more sinister. The Ukrainian-born woman made news headlines when she was accused of pretending to be a child and taking advantage of an unsuspecting American family.

According to her former neighbors, there were plenty of warning signs that Natalia was not what she seemed. They described her as "manipulative" and "like a serial killer," based on the way she talked and behaved.

"It was really kind of spine-chilling, the conversations we had with her," one neighbor told reporters. "It was like talking to a highly intelligent adult, but also talking to somebody who was like a serial killer."

Another neighbor described how Natalia would refuse to play with other children her own age, preferring instead to spend time with adults and talking about mature subjects. She would also frequently ask for money or gifts, and seemed to have a complete lack of empathy for others.

Despite these warning signs, Natalia was able to successfully integrate into a family in the United States, where she posed as an 8-year-old child. She received medical treatment and enrolled in school, but the family eventually became suspicious of her true age and turned her over to the authorities

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