Tina Turner, born Anna Mae Bullock, is a music icon that is widely known for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence. Hailed in the 1960s for her iconic performances with her first husband, Ike Turner, Tina went on to become a sensation as a solo artist, often channeling her personal struggles in her songs.

Tina and Ike's performances in the 1960s were legendary, with their collaborations earning critical acclaim and commercial success. The duo created electric renditions of popular R&B songs and released chart-topping hits such as "Proud Mary" and "River Deep, Mountain High." They were a tour-de-force in the music industry, often hailed as the "King and Queen of R&B."

Despite their musical success, their personal relationship was deeply troubled. Tina suffered from years of domestic abuse at the hands of Ike, causing her to leave him in 1976 and embark on her solo career. Tina's solo debut album, "Private Dancer," immediately became a commercial success, selling millions of copies worldwide and earning her three Grammy Awards.

Throughout her solo career, Tina continued to draw from her personal experiences, with hit songs like "What's Love Got To Do With It" and "We