Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has had a long and successful career in politics. But there's more to the man than just his political accomplishments. In fact, one of Biden's closest advisors is an entertainment mogul with a wealth of experience in the industry.

This individual, whose name has not been disclosed, has been instrumental in advising the Biden re-election campaign, offering insights and strategies that have helped shape the President's approach to the 2020 election. And while they prefer to stay out of the public eye, those who know them say that they are one of the most influential figures in Biden's inner circle.

Interestingly, this entertainment mogul has cited Harrison Ford and Mick Jagger as role models for the octogenarian President. Both Ford and Jagger have had long and successful careers in their respective industries, spanning decades and earning them accolades and fans around the world. And it seems that Biden is looking to their examples as he continues to navigate the often-challenging landscape of American politics.

Of course, Biden's biggest challenge is yet to come – the 2020 election, which promises to be one of the most contentious and polarizing in recent memory. But with the guidance and advice of his trusted advisors, including the unnamed entertainment mogul, Biden is well positioned to emerge victorious.

As Biden continues to campaign and rally support in the coming weeks and months, there's no doubt that his inner circle of advisors will play a key role in shaping his message and strategy. And with the guidance of his entertainment mogul confidante, it's clear that Biden will be drawing inspiration from some of the most successful and iconic figures in popular culture.