"The Crowded Room" is a miniseries that sought to explore the inner workings of an individual with multiple personalities. Unfortunately, the final product turned out to be incredibly shallow and failed to do justice to the complexities of mental illness.

The series centers on Billy Milligan, a man who gained notoriety in the 1970s for being the first person in history to be acquitted of a major crime due to being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. "The Crowded Room" follows Billy's life story, from his traumatic childhood to his eventual diagnosis and trial.

It is clear that the show's creators intended to create a nuanced portrayal of mental illness, but unfortunately, they fall short in their execution. The miniseries frequently employs cheap shock tactics, such as sudden outbursts and confusing shifts in perspective, which do little to deconstruct the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

Additionally, the multiple personalities portrayed in the show lack depth and are portrayed as caricatures rather than actual people. It is difficult to empathize or connect with any of the personalities, as they are all one-dimensional and lack any real substance.

Overall, "The Crowded Room" fails to deliver on its promise of exploring the complexities of mental illness and feels like