Charles Schwab is one of the largest discount brokerages in the United States, providing investment services for millions of Americans. However, despite its size and reputation, the company has recently come under fire from vocal Twitter-using TDA investors, who claim to have lost money due to data and access issues at the firm.

To understand the controversy, it's important to first understand why investors flock to firms like Charles Schwab. Discount brokerages like Schwab offer low fees and commission rates, making it easier for individual investors to manage their own portfolios. In recent years, the rise of index funds and other passive investment vehicles has made it easier than ever to build a diversified portfolio with minimal effort and cost.

However, some investors have recently voiced concerns about the quality of data and access provided by Charles Schwab. These investors claim that they have lost money due to faulty information or technical glitches on the Schwab platform, leaving them with no recourse other than to absorb the losses.

Despite these complaints, Charles Schwab has continued to grow its business and expand its offerings. In February 2020, the company announced plans to acquire TD Ameritrade, another discount brokerage firm. This buyout has yet to be finalized, but it's clear that Charles Schw

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