Tesla, the leading electric car manufacturer in the world, continues to make headlines with its latest software updates. The company's most recent update, version 2023.12.1, made significant improvements to the user interface and charging optimization, to name a few enhancements. However, the technology firm is already hard at work developing its next update, version 2023.20, which promises to offer even more new features, capabilities, and improvements.

One of the most significant upgrades with the 2023.20 release is the integration of a more sophisticated navigation system. The new software will allow Tesla owners to receive real-time updates about road hazards such as accidents, traffic congestion, and weather conditions. Additionally, the software will enable routing based on a driver's preferred route via landmark-based searches. It is also rumored that the software will support augmented reality (AR) that overlays helpful navigation tips on the vehicle's dashboard.

Another exciting feature Tesla owners can expect from version 2023.20 is a revamped Smart Summon. The capability, which debuted in late 2019, permits the driver to call their vehicle from a distance using their mobile device. With this update, Smart Summon will be able to navigate even more complex environments, such as parking lots

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