On August 25, 2022, Guam was hit by a powerful typhoon named Mawar, which caused widespread damage to the U.S. Pacific territory. With hurricane-force winds and heavy rain, the slow-moving storm left many people without power, water, and communication.

Meteorologists had been predicting the arrival of a typhoon for a few days before Mawar hit the island, but the intensity of the storm was unprecedented. “It is going to be scary,” one meteorologist said, warning residents to prepare for the worst. Despite preparation efforts, Mawar still managed to cause significant damage to the island.

Homes, businesses, and buildings were left devastated by the typhoon's fierce winds, which clocked in at over 120 miles per hour at the height of the storm. Trees were uprooted, and debris littered the streets as Mawar made its way across the island.

The Guam Power Authority reported that over 80 percent of the island was without power, leaving thousands in the dark during the typhoon's passing. Additionally, many people were left stranded as roadways became unpassable due to the high winds and heavy flooding.

Although Guam is situated in an area prone to typhoons

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