The Carnival Sunshine, a 101,000-ton cruise ship owned by Carnival Cruise Line, was struck by a fierce storm over the weekend, causing panic among the passengers and delays to the ship's schedule. The incident occurred while the ship was on a seven-day cruise in the Western Caribbean, consisting of a group of islands in Central America.

The storm was described as a "bomb cyclone", a complex and rapidly intensifying weather system that features a significant drop in atmospheric pressure. The bomb cyclone brought strong winds, heavy rains, and high waves that hit the ship and caused it to roll heavily from side to side. The passengers reported feeling seasick, frightened, and uncertain as the ship battled the storm.

As the storm intensified, the ship's captain activated the stabilizer systems in an effort to keep the vessel steady and minimize the effects of the storm. Despite these efforts, some areas of the ship suffered damage, with broken windows, fallen furniture, and scattered belongings. The passengers were urged to remain in their cabins for safety reasons until the storm passed.

The Carnival Sunshine eventually managed to ride out the storm and return to port several hours behind schedule. The delay meant that the next voyage of the ship was also delayed, causing disappointment among the