Shannon Sharpe Leaves Undisputed After Six Years with Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe, former NFL tight end, has left the Fox Sports One (FS1) show, "Undisputed," after hosting it for six years with Skip Bayless. Sharpe's departure was announced on the show, leaving fans saddened by the news of his exit. It is unclear what Sharpe's next move will be, but his absence from "Undisputed" leaves a void that will be challenging to fill.

Sharpe brought a unique perspective to "Undisputed," using his experience as an NFL superstar to give insight into the games and players. He had a wealth of knowledge and was able to break down the most complex plays in a way that made sense to viewers. This made Sharpe an invaluable asset to the show, and his entertaining personality only added to the show's popularity.

Sharpe's co-host and longtime friend, Skip Bayless, expressed his sadness at Sharpe's departure, calling him "his brother from another mother." Bayless noted that he and Sharpe had excellent on-screen chemistry, which had been honed over the years, making "Undisputed" one of the most popular sports talk shows on