The Dallas Stars have had an impressive run this season, making it all the way to the Conference Finals. But even with their success, the team has faced their fair share of challenges. However, in a recent press conference, team captain Joe Pavelski spoke about the team's resilient attitude and how they're rising to the challenge.

"Even in that message today, there was still a sense of calm," Pavelski said, referring to a message sent by head coach Rick Bowness to the team. "We're in the Conference Final, there's a great opportunity in front of us, and we're staring at a really good team."

This sense of determination and resilience has characterized the Stars' season. Despite obstacles like injuries and upsets, the team has continued to push forward and stay focused on their goals. The players have credited their tight-knit locker room for their success, with many describing a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among the team.

This has also been reflected in the Stars' on-ice play. The team's success has come from a balanced, cohesive approach, with no one player dominating the scoring or stealing the spotlight. Instead, the Stars have relied on a depth of talent and a strong

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