Jon Rahm - The Resilient Spanish Golfer

Jon Rahm is one of the most promising golfers of this generation. He has climbed the world rankings quickly since turning Pro in 2016, and is now among the top five players in the world. However, this was not always the case.

As the description suggests, Rahm used to be known to have a straightforward personality and be prone to letting small setbacks turn into big problems in his game. The Spaniard would frequently find himself frustrated on the course after a poor start, and this was evident on the first hole of the 2019 Players Championship.

On that fateful day, Rahm had a four-putt double-bogey on the opening hole. It was a difficult hole to take for anyone, and it could have knocked the wind out of the sails of most players. But Rahm's resilience was beginning to be seen, and he managed to bounce back and shoot a one-under 71 that day. This comeback performance demonstrated his perseverance and ability to stay mentally strong, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Since that infamous day, Jon Rahm became more focused and determined to get things right. The turning point was his 2019 victory at the Irish Open, where he birdied the final two holes to win by two strokes. That victory showed the golfing world that he was capable of handling pressure and winning on the big stage.

In 2021, with his new-found confidence and resilience, Rahm has continued his pursuit of wins on the tour. Rahm has been in contention at many of the top tournaments, including the US Open, where he finished tied for ninth place, and The Open Championship, where he finished third. Although he still needs to improve his performance at the Masters, he is a golfer on the rise and is among the favorites to win any tournament he enters.

Rahm's game has come a long way since his early days on tour. He is determined to become the best player in the world and has shown that to be possible. While he faces tough competition from golfers like Brooks Koepka and Patrick Cantlay, who won the Masters in 2021, Rahm’s resilient spirit and improved mental state make him a force to be reckoned with.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Jon Rahm, but it is safe to say he is a golfer who has overcome his mental struggles and is now among the finest talents on the tour. His ability to stay calm under pressure and fight back from adversity is a valuable trait that could see him go all the way to the top of the golfing world.