Nova Scotia Wildfire: Evacuations Continue as Dozens of Fires Continue to Burn

Nova Scotia is facing one of its worst wildfire seasons in recent memory, as over a dozen fires continue to burn across the province. Officials have stated that over 16,000 people have been evacuated so far under a mandatory order.

The wildfires initially began on Saturday, sparked by high winds and dry conditions in a region that has seen very little precipitation in recent weeks. The first fire, near the community of Porters Lake, quickly spread and grew to a size of 40 hectares. Several other fires soon followed, with one blaze in the Sheet Harbour area growing to over 300 hectares in size.

Firefighters from across the province and out-of-province crews have been working around the clock to contain the wildfires. However, the high winds and dry conditions have made it difficult for crews to control the fires.

As of Tuesday, over a dozen fires were continuing to burn across the province. The largest fire, at Middle Musquodoboit, had grown to nearly 650 hectares in size. This fire alone had prompted the evacuation of 200 homes in the area.

The fires have been devastating for many residents of Nova Scotia. Not only have evacuations