WatchOS 10 is just a few days away, and the update sounds like a big deal for big Apple Watch users. However, there are still some Apple Watch features that many people thought we’d have before the release of watchOS 10. Here are some of the features that are missing from the Apple Watch:

1. Always-on display: This is one of the most requested features by Apple Watch users. Many people want to be able to glance at the Watch and see the time or their latest notifications without having to raise their wrist or press a button.

2. Sleep tracking: It’s surprising that the Apple Watch still doesn’t have a built-in sleep tracking feature. Third-party apps are available to track your sleep, but it would be more convenient to have this feature built into the Watch.

3. Custom watch faces: While Apple has added more watch faces with watchOS updates, users still cannot create their own custom watch faces. The ability to create custom watch faces would allow users to personalize their Watch even more.

4. Blood glucose monitoring: The Apple Watch has the ability to monitor heart rate, but it still does not have the ability to monitor blood glucose levels. This feature would be especially helpful for individuals with diabetes.