Title: Galaxy Z Fold 5 Could Miss Out on Rumored Dust Resistance Feature


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, one of the most anticipated foldable smartphones of the year, might miss out on a rumored dust resistance feature. As reported by SamMobile, a trusted source of Samsung news and updates, this omission could be a disappointment for users seeking added durability in their foldable devices. This article will delve into the expected upgrades for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5, shedding light on the possibility of a missed dust resistance feature.

Rumored Upgrades

The Galaxy Z Fold 5, following the footsteps of its predecessor, is expected to come with several enhancements. Among these reported upgrades is a new waterdrop-shaped design for the outer display, which promises a more immersive visual experience. Additionally, there are anticipated improvements in terms of display quality, processing power, camera capabilities, and battery life.

The presence of dust resistance has become a key factor for smartphone users, especially those who desire increased durability in their devices. With foldable smartphones having moving parts and complex mechanisms, protection against dust particles becomes all the more crucial. Unfortunately, according to the SamMobile report, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 might not be equipped with the rumored dust resistance feature.

Potential Implications

While it is unclear why Samsung may have chosen not to include dust resistance in the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the absence of this anticipated feature may raise concerns among potential buyers. Dust particles can adversely impact performance and longevity, as they can infiltrate various parts of the device, such as the hinge and display mechanism. Without adequate protection, users may experience functionality issues, reduce device lifespan, and even face costly repairs.

On the other hand, it is essential to note that Samsung has previously made substantial improvements to its foldable lineup. The introduction of the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) in the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a major breakthrough in durability and screen protection. Therefore, while dust resistance may not be included in the Galaxy Z Fold 5, other advancements may compensate for this omission.


The rumored absence of dust resistance in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 may be a letdown for potential buyers who value durability and long-term device performance. As a flagship foldable smartphone, users might expect additional features to safeguard against external elements. However, it is essential to keep in mind that Samsung has made significant strides in overall durability with previous foldable releases.

Until Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Z Fold 5, it remains speculative whether dust resistance will indeed be excluded from the device. As technology continues to evolve, manufacturers must strike a delicate balance between delivering innovative features and maintaining user-friendly functionality. Only time will tell how the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will fare in this aspect, and users eagerly await the official announcement to determine the overall value of this highly anticipated device.