Mimestream has been declared the Ars chosen Gmail client for Macs, and it has recently received a major upgrade to its features. The fifth version, which was released on Tuesday, March 2, marks the official release, as prior versions were in beta testing.

The update includes personalized profiles for work and home use, enabling users to transition smoothly between the two contexts. Each profile has its own settings, including a distinct sidebar for accessing folders quickly. The notification settings have been enhanced so that users can set custom schedules based on their needs. These notifications are delivered directly from Google servers rather than through a third-party app.

Mimestream is dedicated to the integrity of the Gmail experience. The app brings many features to macOS, such as a lack of inbox advertisements, an in-app web browser, and an enhanced mail client that supports distinct views, as well as powerful HTML rendering to handle even the most complex emails.

In addition to prioritizing user security and privacy in handling their email, Mimestream includes macOS-specific features such as Touch Bar support, a native dark mode, and a floating window view.

Mimestream's success as an innovation in the Mac Gmail client market can be attributed to its elegant simplicity and unwavering commitment to putting

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