Title: Microsoft Delivers Improved HoloLens Combat Goggles to Army Testers, Addressing Nausea Concerns


In a significant development, tech giant Microsoft has announced plans to provide the United States Army with upgraded versions of its HoloLens combat goggles. These advancements aim to address the issue of soldiers experiencing motion sickness or nausea, which was a notable concern during previous testing phases.

Delivering an Enhanced HoloLens Experience

Taking into consideration valuable feedback from soldiers and testers, Microsoft has made significant improvements to its augmented reality (AR) headset. The technology giant believes these updates will enhance soldiers' capabilities in combat scenarios, providing them with a strategic advantage while minimizing potential discomfort.

The collaboration between Microsoft and the U.S. Army represents a significant milestone in harnessing the potential of AR technology for military purposes. Engadget reports that the upgraded HoloLens goggles are expected to be delivered and tested starting this month. Successfully addressing the issue of nausea will be a crucial step towards achieving wider deployment and adoption within the army's ranks.

Nausea: A Limiting Factor

Motion sickness or nausea has been a common complaint among soldiers during testing of the HoloLens combat goggles. This has been attributed to a mismatch between the movements depicted in the AR environment and the actual movements of the wearer, resulting in an uncomfortable experience. The underlying challenge for Microsoft has been to align the virtual elements seamlessly with real-world movements, thereby minimizing any potential discrepancies.

Significant HoloLens Enhancements

Microsoft has been working diligently to address this crucial limitation in the headset. The upgraded HoloLens goggles are expected to introduce a range of improvements, substantially reducing the risk of soldiers experiencing motion sickness or nausea. By refining the AR technology used in the goggles, Microsoft aims to provide a more immersive and seamless experience for soldiers in the field.

Integration of Advanced Tracking Systems

One of the key enhancements is the integration of advanced tracking systems, which will allow the HoloLens goggles to better synchronize virtual elements with real-world surroundings. By accurately tracking head movements and adjusting the augmented reality accordingly, the updated goggles seek to mitigate any discomfort caused by misalignment.

Investing in Immersive Training and Tactical Support

The continued collaboration between Microsoft and the U.S. Army demonstrates a shared commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies capable of transforming military operations. The HoloLens combat goggles provide an unparalleled platform for immersive training experiences and tactical support. By leveraging the power of augmented reality, soldiers can gain crucial insights, access real-time data, and receive on-demand support, ultimately improving decision-making capabilities on the battlefield.


With the delivery of upgraded HoloLens combat goggles to army testers this month, Microsoft is taking a significant step towards addressing the issue of motion sickness and nausea experienced by soldiers during previous testing. By refining the augmented reality technology, these improvements aim to enhance soldiers' capabilities in the field, without sacrificing their comfort or wellbeing. This advancement signifies the potential of AR technology to revolutionize military operations, providing soldiers with critical information and tactical support, ultimately improving overall mission success.