Bert Kreischer, the well-known comedian, has taken one of his famous routines and turned it into a full-length movie titled "The Machine". The movie brings to life the hilarious story that made Bert Kreischer a household name. However, as a comedy film, The Machine falls short of expectations when it comes to laughs.

The premise of The Machine is based on a true story that Kreischer often told on stage. The story involves his college days when he went on a school trip to Russia and accidentally got involved with the Russian Mafia. He found himself being held at gunpoint and being asked to do something daring - that thing being the titular "The Machine". The story is absurd, but the humor lies in the way Kreischer tells it. However, despite having the same storyline, the movie tries too hard to take the story seriously.

The visual presentation of the movie is one of the highlights. Kreischer combines animation and live-action to create a visually stunning film. The segments that are animated are incredibly detailed, and the colors stand out in bold. The way the shots are framed and edited also shows Kreischer's keen eye for visuals. Watching the film is an experience, but it is not enough to make up for the lack of

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