Indy 500 Qualifying: The Road to Pole Position

The Indy 500 is one of the most prestigious events in the world of motorsports and the qualifying process for the race is just as important as the race itself. This year, positions 10-30 will be determined on Saturday, while the top 12 spots and positions 31-33 will be determined on Sunday. However, one entry will fail to make the race. Here's a closer look at how Indy 500 qualifying works.

The Qualifying Format

The qualifying format for the Indy 500 is unique compared to most other races. The drivers have four laps to complete, and their fastest lap is recorded. The speed of the car is determined by averaging the four laps, then the drivers are ranked based on their average speed. This process is repeated until the drivers are ranked for their starting position. The top nine drivers are locked into their positions, with the remaining positions determined through the rest of the field throughout the weekend.

Saturday Qualifying

On the first day of qualifying, positions 10-30 will be determined. This means that the drivers ranked from 10th to 30th place will get their chance to attempt to qualify for the race. The drivers

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