Human Fall Flat 2 - Official Reveal Teaser Trailer | Devolver Digital Showcase 2023 - IGN

Fans of the smash hit puzzle platformer, Human Fall Flat, were thrilled when the official reveal teaser trailer for the game's sequel was dropped during the Devolver Digital Showcase, held at IGN in 2023. The trailer gave gamers a glimpse of what they could expect from Human Fall Flat 2, including new levels and customizable features.

Human Fall Flat, released in 2016, was an instant hit with gamers worldwide for its unique physics-based gameplay and hilarious rag-doll physics. The game has since become a cult classic, played by millions of players across various gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

In Human Fall Flat, players control Bob, a wobbly character who must solve a series of physics-based puzzles within surreal environments. The game's unique approach to puzzle-solving has seen it gain a massive following as players grapple with the game's hilarious physics simulations and graphical style.

Now, with the announcement of Human Fall Flat 2, fans can look forward to playing a whole new set of levels that will challenge their creative and innovative problem-solving skills. The teaser trailer for the game showcased