Hogwarts Legacy players have been left disappointed with a new free download that was released recently. The highly anticipated Harry Potter game is one of the biggest releases of this year and of this generation. Suffice to say, most who were interested in playing it almost certainly downloaded and played the free version. However, despite the excitement surrounding the game, the free download failed to meet players' expectations.

Many fans of the Harry Potter universe were looking forward to exploring the magic and wonders of Hogwarts in this new video game. However, the free version was quite disappointing in comparison. Players noted that the graphics and gameplay were subpar, the storyline was not engaging enough and the overall experience was underwhelming.

One of the biggest issues that players noted was the lack of customization. Players were not given the choice to pick their own house or character, something that could have made the game more appealing. Instead, all players were given the same generic character, which stripped the game of its personal touch.

Another issue that players faced was the lack of variety when it came to the spells and magic available. The game promised a wide array of spells and magical abilities, but players found that there were only a handful of spells available.

Some players also criticized the AI of the game, finding it to be lackluster and repetitive. This issue caused the game to lose its immersive quality and made it difficult for players to connect with their character and the story.

In conclusion, the free download of Hogwarts Legacy fell short of expectations for the majority of players. While it is understandable that the free version may not have included all the features of the full version, the subpar quality of the game was not a satisfying introduction to the highly anticipated Harry Potter game. Hopefully, the full version will address these issues and provide players with the immersive and magical experience they were hoping for.

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