Halo Infinite, one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year, is finally getting the fan-favorite multiplayer mode Infection. After months of speculation and rumors, it has been confirmed that Infection mode will be included in Season 4 of Halo Infinite when it kicks off on June 20.

For those unfamiliar with the mode, Infection is essentially a game of zombie tag, in which one player starts as a "zombie" and tries to infect other players, who in turn become zombies themselves. The game continues until all non-zombie players have been infected, or until time runs out.

Infection mode has been a staple of the Halo franchise for years, and fans have been eagerly anticipating its arrival in Halo Infinite. Its inclusion in the game is sure to add another layer of excitement and replayability to the already robust multiplayer offering.

In addition to Infection mode, Season 4 of Halo Infinite promises a host of other new content, including new maps, weapons, customization options, and more. It's shaping up to be one of the biggest updates yet for the game, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until June 20.

Overall, the addition of Infection mode to Halo Infinite is a welcome one.

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