Greta Gerwig Directs the Internet's New Favorite Film "Barbie" Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Barbie, the iconic Mattel doll, is finally getting her live-action spin on the big screen and with Greta Gerwig directing, it's sure to make quite a splash. Gerwig, who is known for her critically acclaimed films such as Lady Bird and Little Women, is at the helm of the new Barbie movie, one of the internet's newest favorite films.

But Gerwig is not the only star attached to this exciting project. Margot Robbie has signed on to star as the iconic doll herself, while heartthrob Ryan Gosling is set to play Ken, Barbie's longtime love interest.

This new film iteration of Barbie is set to be a live-action film, which follows the iconic doll as she is expelled from Barbie Land for not fitting in. As Barbie opens herself up to a new adventure, she discovers that what makes her different is what makes her special.

Robbie's casting as Barbie has been celebrated by fans who see her as the perfect match for the iconic character. Robbie's chameleon-like ability to adapt to diverse roles, coupled with her undeniable talent, makes her the perfect choice for

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