Google recently introduced an update to the Favorites tab in its Home app, which now includes support for light groups. This much-needed update is sure to be well-received by Google Home users who have multiple lights in their home.

Previously, the Favorites tab only allowed users to add individual lights or devices to a list of frequently used items. With this update, users can now group all their lights together into a single group and add that group to the list of favorites. This means that with a few taps on the app, you can now control all the lights in your home at once, rather than needing to adjust each one individually.

For users with numerous lights throughout their house, adding groups makes life much easier. They can now create a lighting scene with their favorite ambiance and control all the lights in that scene together in a single tap. This can greatly simplify home automation, making it easier to turn off all the lights with one command at bedtime or create more intimate lighting for a romantic dinner party.

The Google Home app's new support for light groups on the Favorites tab is a much-needed and welcome update. It adds greater convenience and control to the already powerful Google Home ecosystem. If you're a Google Home user with many lights in your home, be sure to update your app and take advantage of this new feature.

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