Gollum Game Struggles with Bugs, Developer Promises Fixes

Fans of Lord of the Rings were excited when it was announced that a new game centered on the character Gollum was in development. However, the release of the game has been hampered by a number of bugs and glitches that have made it difficult for players to enjoy the game's storyline and mechanics.

Developer Daedalic Entertainment has promised to continue working on the game to address these issues. In a statement, the company acknowledged that "player feedback since the game's release has highlighted a number of areas that require improvement."

One of the most common complaints from players has been the game's controls, which have been described as clunky and difficult to use. This has made it frustrating for players to move Gollum around the game world and complete puzzles.

Other issues players have reported include long load times, poor optimization, and frequent crashes. Some players have also encountered game-breaking bugs that prevent them from progressing through the game's story.

Despite these challenges, there are still many fans of Gollum and Lord of the Rings who are excited about the potential of this game. The storyline follows the journey of Gollum as he seeks to escape the clutches of S

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