George Winston is an American pianist and composer, who became famous for his contributions to the new age music genre. His unique and distinctive style of playing has earned him a place amongst the most popular and respected musicians of our times.

Born in 1949 in Michigan, Winston was fascinated by music from an early age. He was exposed to various musical traditions, which inspired his compositions and created his unique style of playing. He began playing the piano at the age of five and continued to develop his skills throughout his life.

Mr. Winston's compositions became part of the new age music wave, which emerged in the 1970s. His music is characterized by its gentle, melodic, and flowing quality, which has a calming effect on the listener. It has a meditative quality that can be relaxing and therapeutic. He called his style "folk piano" as it deeply draws influence from the American folk music tradition.

Winston's albums, such as Autumn, December, and Winter into Spring, have become hugely popular. His music has been used in film scores, including the documentary film "The Great Miracle," which earned him an Emmy nomination. Winston is also known for his concerts, which are both entertaining and entrancing. He has done multiple