Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2023 - GameSpot

After years of anticipation, fans of the beloved role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII, can finally get a look at its highly anticipated remake, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. The full gameplay trailer was unveiled at the Summer Game Fest 2023, and it appears that the game is shaping up to be everything fans wanted and more.

The trailer opens with some of the main characters, including Barret, Tifa, and Red XIII, looking battered and exhausted. From the onset, players can tell that the remake has retained the urgency and intensity of the original.

Gameplay footage followed, featuring what appears to be a refined and visually stunning version of the classic battle system. The trailer showcased impressive combat animations, and it seems that the battles will be much more cinematic and dynamic, just as fans have been hoping.

Throughout the trailer, we also got a glimpse of the game's redesigned environments and characters that are even more detailed than before. The beloved world of Final Fantasy VII has never been so immersive, with updated graphics that will bring new life to classic locations.

The trailer teased fans with glimpses of some of the game's famous set pieces,

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