Just hours after the Nevada Senate passed a bill to progress the Oakland Athletics' move to Las Vegas one step closer, A's fans held a 'reverse boycott' at the Oakland Coliseum.

The move to Las Vegas has been a contentious issue among A's fans, many of whom are unhappy with the team's proposed relocation. However, on Wednesday night, a group of die-hard fans decided to show their support for the team in a unique way.

Dubbed the 'reverse boycott,' the event was organized by the group Save Oakland Sports and encouraged fans to attend that evening's game against the Texas Rangers, despite the looming threat of the team's departure.

As fans filed into the Oakland Coliseum, they were met with signs and chants declaring their love for the A's and their desire to keep the team in Oakland.

The impact of the proposed move on the local economy was also a hot topic, with Save Oakland Sports highlighting the millions of dollars that could be lost if the A's were to leave the city.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the team's future, A's players and management continue to focus on the present and their pursuit of a playoff spot this season.

Currently sitting just a few games out of a wild card spot, the A's will

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