On Sunday, many residents in the area near an airbase were startled by a loud noise that shook buildings. This noise was a sonic boom, which occurred after a group of fighter jets scrambled to intercept a small plane that had entered restricted airspace. The small plane was later found to be wrecked.

A sonic boom is a loud, explosive sound caused by the shock wave created when an object travels faster than the speed of sound. When an object moves through the air, it creates pressure waves which travel through the air at the speed of sound. As the object approaches the speed of sound, these pressure waves bunch up or compress, creating a single shock wave that moves through the air. When this shock wave hits the ground, it creates a loud boom that can be heard for miles around.

In the case of the recent sonic boom that was heard over the airbase, the jets had to travel faster than the speed of sound to intercept the small plane that had entered restricted airspace. The resulting shock wave created the loud noise that was heard by residents in the vicinity.

Sonic booms can be very startling and even damaging to buildings and other structures. They can cause windows to rattle and even break if the boom is strong enough. They are usually

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