Popocatepetl, or "Popo" as it is affectionately known, is an active volcano located in central Mexico. The name "Popocatepetl" comes from the Nahuatl words "popoca" meaning "to smoke" and "tepetl" meaning "mountain," and it is known to have been active for at least the last 14,000 years.

Recently, the volcano has been making headlines as it continues to spew gas, water vapor, and ash into the air. This has prompted authorities to recommend that people downwind of the volcano wear masks and cover their eyes to prevent respiratory problems and eye irritation.

While Popocatepetl has been active for thousands of years, it has been particularly active in recent years. Since 1994, there have been multiple eruptions, and the volcano has been at an elevated state of alert since 2005. In addition to the ash and gas emissions, there have also been small to moderate-sized eruptions and lava flows.

Despite its activity, Popocatepetl is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The surrounding area is home to a number of small towns and villages, and the volcano is a popular spot for hiking and camping. However

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