Microsoft has recently introduced a new preview feature for Microsoft Teams that allows participants to easily zoom in and out while viewing content. The new zoom controls feature is designed to provide a better viewing experience for online meetings and presentations.

Microsoft Teams has become increasingly popular as more people work remotely, and this new feature is just one of the many updates that Microsoft has made to the platform. With the new zoom control feature, participants can easily zoom in and out of slides, images, and any other visual content that is being shared during a video call.

One of the main benefits of this feature is its ability to make large documents or slides easier to read. In the past, participants would often have to squint or strain their eyes to read small text or view detailed images. With the new zoom controls, users can simply zoom in on the content and view it in full clarity.

In addition to making content easier to view, the zoom controls feature can also enhance collaboration during video calls. For example, during a group brainstorming session, participants may need to zoom in on important details while discussing ideas. With the new feature, everyone can follow along and contribute their own ideas more efficiently.

Overall, Microsoft Teams' newest preview feature is a valuable tool that can help enhance

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