Diablo 4 Classes: Our Best Class Tier List for Exploring Sanctuary

Are you excited to explore the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4? Before you start your adventure, you'll need to choose the class that best suits your playstyle. Fortunately, our best class tier list is here to help you figure out the best classes for exploring Sanctuary.

1) Barbarian - The Barbarian is known for its brute strength and ability to withstand heavy damage. They specialize in heavy weapons and close-range combat, making them perfect for players who love to get up close and personal. This class also has a variety of crowd control abilities, making them a great choice for group play.

2) Druid - The Druid is a versatile class that can shapeshift into various forms, including a wolf, bear, and even a giant tree. They have a wide range of elemental spells at their disposal, making them an excellent choice for players who prefer to explore the world of Sanctuary using a variety of attack styles.

3) Sorceress - As the name suggests, the Sorceress is all about spellcasting. They specialize in elemental magic such as fire, ice, and lightning. They also have a variety of crowd control abilities that make them a great