Overwatch 2 has recently released Season 5 with a brand new update that included several special custom crosshair settings. The update has been rolled out quietly, but fans have already discovered the new features and are excited about them.

The new custom crosshair settings will allow players to customize their crosshairs to better fit their playstyles. The customization options include reticle shape, color, opacity, and thickness. Additionally, players can choose between having crosshairs for individual heroes or all heroes.

This update is a major win for Overwatch players who have been asking for more customization options for crosshairs. With the addition of more settings, players will be able to choose the best crosshair for them, giving them an advantage in gameplay.

The new custom crosshair settings are a welcome addition that will improve the gameplay experience for Overwatch players. It’s a fantastic example of how even small updates can significantly enhance a game. With Overwatch 2, players can confidently expect more improvements and updates that will further improve their gameplay experience.

Overall, the stealthy update for Overwatch 2 that added in more custom crosshair settings is a significant step forward for the game. Fans can rest assured that developers are actively listening to their requests and working hard to improve the game. With Overwatch 2 continuing to evolve, players can expect a thrilling and unpredictable ride.

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