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Irish rally driver Craig Breen had a scare during a training drive ahead of the 2023 WRC Croatia Rally competition. While driving on a local road in Lobor at around 12:40, Breen's vehicle came off the road. Though shaken, both driver and co-driver emerged unscathed from the accident.

Despite this minor setback, Craig Breen has proven himself to be a highly skilled and experienced driver over his impressive career. Breen has driven for Citroen, Hyundai, and other teams in the World Rally Championship (WRC), earning numerous podium finishes and demonstrating his proficiency behind the wheel of a rally car.

Breen's talent as a rally driver was evident early in his career, as he won the Fiesta Sport Trophy Ireland in 2009 and 2010. In 2012, he secured his first victory in the WRC Academy, and in 2015, he won the Circuit of Ireland Rally. Breen's hard work and talent caught the attention of Citroen, who gave him a chance to join their factory team.

Making the most of his opportunity, Breen secured several podium finishes for Citroen, including third place at Rally Sweden in 2018. He continued to impress in the years that followed, taking the wheel of a Hyundai i20 and finishing fourth at Rally Italia Sardegna and Rally Spain in 2019.

Though Breen has had his share of challenges throughout his career, his perseverance and impressive driving skills have allowed him to emerge as a highly respected rally driver. His recent accident during a training drive in Lobor is a reminder of the risks involved in this high-speed, high-stakes sport, but it won't stop him from pushing forward and striving for success on the world stage.

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