Insider Gaming has some exclusive information for all the gaming enthusiasts out there who have been eagerly waiting for Bungie's new project. The much-anticipated game is called 'Marathon,' and it promises to be everything that fans of the studio have been hoping for.

One of the most significant details that have been revealed about the game is its gameplay loop. The core gameplay loop in Marathon will revolve around completing various FPS missions, each being unique and engaging for the players. The game will also allow players to explore the game's massive world and uncover secrets that are hidden within it. Players will get to face diverse enemy types and will have several weapons at their disposal to take on their enemies.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the focus on customization and progression. Players will have the opportunity to customize their weapons, equipment, and abilities, making the gameplay experience tailored to their preferences. The game will also feature a skill tree system that will allow players to improve their character's abilities as they progress through the game.

Marathon's multiplayer mode will be another exciting feature of the game. The game will feature a traditional team-based multiplayer mode, as well as a unique multiplayer mode called 'Survival.' In Survival, teams of players will have to fight off waves of enemies in intense PvE battles. The unique aspect of the game mode is that players will be able to carry over their progress from the game's single-player campaign mode, making the mode even more engaging.

The world of Marathon will be a visually stunning one, with the game boasting of state-of-the-art graphics and a beautiful world design. The game's art style is set in a futuristic environment and has a unique and lively color scheme, making the game look like a visual wonder.

In conclusion, Bungie's 'Marathon' is shaping up to be a massive hit in the gaming world and is definitely one to look forward to. The game promises exciting gameplay and a wealth of features that are sure to keep gamers engaged for hours on end. With the focus on customization, progression, and the beautiful world design, players can expect to spend countless hours exploring the world and unlocking secrets. As gamers eagerly await the game to release, the concept of Marathon has certainly set some high expectations among the fans, and we can only hope that Bungie will deliver on them.