Title: Broncos Coach Sean Payton Regrets Criticism of Former Coach Nathaniel Hackett, Plans to Make Amends


In a surprising turn of events, Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton publicly expressed regret for his previous criticism of Nathaniel Hackett, the team's former coach, during an interview. Payton's unexpected remorse comes as he seeks to reconcile with Hackett, who now holds a coaching position with the New York Jets. Let's delve into the details of this interesting development in the world of NFL coaching.

Payton's Regret:

During an interview, Sean Payton openly admitted that he regrets his previous remarks about Nathaniel Hackett, the Broncos' former coach. Payton, known for his outspoken nature, acknowledged that his criticism may have been unfair and unwarranted. Recognizing the importance of accountability, he expressed his intention to reach out to Hackett, emphasizing that he wants to make amends "at the right time."

The Context:

Nathaniel Hackett served as the Denver Broncos' quarterback coach and offensive coordinator under the leadership of head coach Vic Fangio. Despite being a part of the coaching team for the past two seasons, Hackett was let go by the Broncos organization earlier this year. This departure seemingly prompted Payton's decision to reflect on his past comments and rectify any perceived wrongdoings.

The Implication:

Sean Payton's admission of regret carries significant implications, both for his personal growth and for the relationship between two NFL coaches. It underscores a desire to foster harmony within the highly competitive landscape of professional football coaching. By acknowledging his previous misstep, Payton sets an example of accountability in a field often characterized by ego clashes and rivalries.

The Road to Reconciliation:

While Sean Payton did not provide specifics regarding the nature of his criticism, it is clear that he aims to address his grievances with Nathaniel Hackett directly. The Broncos coach did not provide a timeline for when he intends to reach out to his former colleague, stating that it will happen "at the right time." This suggests that Payton is carefully considering how best to approach the situation and is genuinely focused on repairing their professional relationship.

Hackett's Response:

As of now, Nathaniel Hackett has not publicly commented on Sean Payton's expression of remorse. However, given his current role as the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, it is reasonable to assume that Hackett may welcome a gesture of reconciliation from Payton. Professionalism and mutual respect are essential qualities in the realm of coaching, and both individuals possess reputations for being dedicated and passionate about their craft.


Sean Payton's admission of regret serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and the potential for personal growth within the sporting industry. By intending to reach out to Nathaniel Hackett "at the right time," Payton aims to demonstrate his commitment to fostering positive relationships in the highly competitive world of NFL coaching. It remains to be seen how Hackett will respond, but this episode highlights the significance of professionalism and respect in the realm of coaching, transcending the boundaries of rivalries and personal differences.

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