A Utah widow, Kouri Richins, has been accused of killing her husband and has been denied pretrial release by a judge. This ruling comes amidst allegations that Richins authored a children's book about grief after her husband's death.

In October 2020, Richins' husband, Michael Shaver, was found dead in his bed. An autopsy report revealed that he had been suffocated with a plastic bag and that his death was ruled a homicide. Following an investigation, Richins was arrested and charged with murder.

However, in the months following her arrest, it was discovered that Richins had authored a children's book about grief and loss. While this may seem innocuous at first glance, the timing and nature of the book have raised some eyebrows. It is unclear whether the book was written before or after Shaver's death, or if it was inspired by the incident.

Regardless of the book's origins, the fact that Richins is facing murder charges and has authored a book about grief has raised concerns about her mental state and potential motives for the crime. This has likely contributed to the judge's decision to deny her pretrial release.

The denial of pretrial release means that Richins will remain in custody until her

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