Billie Eilish, a young and talented singer, has recently been in the news for responding to criticism about her clothing in a series of Instagram stories over the weekend.

Eilish has always been known for her unique wardrobe and style, which often includes oversized clothing, colorful hair, and bold accessories. However, some critics have questioned her choice of clothing, claiming that it's too baggy and doesn't show enough of her body.

In response to these comments, Eilish took to Instagram to share her thoughts with her fans. She first shared a video of a YouTuber who had made a critical video about her clothing, and then proceeded to address the issue in a series of her own videos.

In one of the videos, Eilish pointed out that her choice of clothing is a deliberate decision, and that she wants to be able to move around comfortably and not be objectified. She stated that she doesn't want to be judged by her body, but rather by her music and her personality.

Eilish's response has been met with widespread support from her fans, as well as from other celebrities who have spoken out in defense of her clothing choices. Many people have applauded Eilish for standing up for herself and

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