Oscar-winning actor, Robert De Niro, has recently made headlines after welcoming his seventh child into the world at the age of 79. This news has understandably sparked curiosity among his fans about his life as a father and his relationship with his girlfriend.

Robert De Niro has been a father for several decades, having begun his journey in fatherhood with his first marriage in the 1970s. The renowned actor has six children from his previous relationships and marriages, and his recent addition to the family makes him the father of seven children altogether.

Robert De Niro's children are all grown up now, and each of them has pursued different paths in life. His eldest child, Drena De Niro, is an actress, while his second-oldest son, Raphael De Niro, is a real estate developer. His other children, Elliot, Julian, Helen, and Aaron, have chosen careers ranging from business to entertainment.

In recent years, Robert De Niro has been in a relationship with actress and singer, Grace Hightower. The couple shares two children, Elliott and Helen. Despite going through a divorce in 2018, the two have remained close and co-parent their children.

While Robert De Niro's personal life may raise some eyebrows, his acting career speaks for itself. The actor has appeared in countless iconic films, including "The Godfather Part II," "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," and "Goodfellas," just to name a few. He has won two Academy Awards and has been nominated for eight.

De Niro's recent addition to the family may come as a surprise to many, especially given his age. However, it is clear that he enjoys being a father and playing an active role in his children's lives. Hopefully, we will continue to see Robert De Niro grace our screens with his immense talent for years to come.