Arnold Schwarzenegger makes the natural progression from movie star to California governor to Netflix series with “Fubar,” which is basically a comedic take on the political landscape and everyday life in the governor’s office.

The title “Fubar” is military slang meaning “F***ed up beyond all recognition,” which sets the tone for the series. Schwarzenegger plays a fictionalized version of himself, who has just assumed the governorship of California. As he navigates the political bureaucracy and tries to make a positive impact, he is constantly thwarted by the incompetence and dysfunction within his own office.

The show’s humor is derived from the absurdity of the situations Schwarzenegger finds himself in, from dealing with a staff that can’t seem to accomplish anything to trying to connect with the people of California. The character of Schwarzenegger is portrayed as well-meaning but clueless, which adds to the comedy.

The series has been met with mixed reviews, with some praising the satire and Schwarzenegger’s comedic chops, while others criticize it for lacking in substance. However, “Fubar” has certainly brought a unique perspective to the political comedy genre.

Overall, “Fubar” is an entertaining

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