DC Young Fly is a rising star in the entertainment industry, best known for his comedic talents as a rapper, actor, and comedian. However, recent news about the death of his former "Wild 'N Out" co-star, Jacklyn Smith, has left fans and colleagues in mourning.

Jacklyn, also known as Ms. Jacky Oh, was a mother of three and a talented performer who worked alongside DC Young Fly on the popular MTV show, "Wild 'N Out." She was known for her quick wit, infectious personality, and ability to make people laugh. Unfortunately, she passed away on Thursday, October 28th, 2021, in Miami, Florida.

News of Jacklyn's passing has shocked and saddened many people in the entertainment industry, including DC Young Fly. In a heartfelt tribute posted on his Instagram page, he expressed his deep sadness and condolences to Jackie's family and loved ones.

"Rest up beautiful soul Jacky Oh!," DC Young Fly wrote. "I'm lost for words and don't know how to feel right now. You were such a sweet and loving soul, with a big heart. This was bigger than t.v. Restsisly so gracefully."

DC Young Fly's heartfelt tribute to Jack

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