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If you are an Android user, it's time to check your app collection. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the Android-specific apps may contain malware. A recent report has revealed that 92 Android-specific apps, with over 30 million downloads, have been infected with a dangerous malware component called SpinOk malware as well as spyware.

According to the report, researchers at security firm Check Point uncovered this major security issue in a range of apps available on the Google Play Store. The malware is designed to show intrusive ads and collect data such as location and device information. Furthermore, it can also trigger requests for payment, sign up for premium services without consent, and can even download additional malicious apps.

The report on these apps has raised concerns for the safety and privacy of Android users globally. It is important to note that the SpinOk malware is capable of taking control of an Android device and executing arbitrary commands, such as reading SMS messages and turning on the phone’s camera and microphone.

So what can you do if you are an Android user, and you have downloaded any of these potentially infected apps? First of all, you should delete them as

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