In recent news, it has been reported that over 600000 Android users have fallen victim to the malware present in the apps discovered on the Google Play Store. This revelation has sent shockwaves among the Android community, as it puts into question the measures taken by Google to ensure safety and security of its users.

According to Tom's Guide, a leading technology website, the malware was discovered by cybersecurity firm, Check Point. The company reported that it had uncovered 56 apps on the Google Play Store, all of which were infected with malware. These apps included everything from gaming apps to photography apps.

The malware present in these apps is called Tekya, and it has been used to carry out ad fraud. This means that the malware is programmed to display fraudulent ads to users, which results in the malware's developers earning revenue. Unfortunately, this also means that the user's device is impacted, as the malware drains the device's battery and slows down its performance.

The cybersecurity firm also noted that the Tekya malware had been created by a group of developers who had been previously caught creating malware for iOS devices, indicating that the group may be behind similar attacks on other devices as well.

Check Point has since shared the list of apps that are infected, and it is strongly recommended that Android users delete these apps immediately. Some of the most popular apps on this list include Easy Universal TV Remote, Translate Free, Video Downloader Master, and Smart Universal Remote Control.

This recent discovery highlights the need for users to remain vigilant and for app stores like Google Play to improve their screening processes. Users should always be cautious when downloading any apps, even those available on trusted app stores.

In conclusion, with the discovery of the Tekya malware and its impact on over 600000 Android users, it is essential that users take steps to protect their devices by deleting the infected apps. This serves as a reminder that while technology brings convenience, it also comes with risks, and users must stay vigilant to ensure their safety and security while using their devices.

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